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Specializing in fly fishing the coldwater trout streams of Northeast Iowa and ice fishing the frozen lakes of northwest and North-Central Iowa
Trout in Iowa???
You bet there are, and we can help you catch them! To fully understand why catching trout in Iowa's coldwater spring streams is so appealing, you truly have to experieince it for yourself. The gorgeous views, the solitude, the wildlife, the geology...It's all in its prime in the Northeast corner of the state where Iowa's trout reside. Never fished for trout before? Never casted a fly rod before? Then you're just our kind of people. We love introducing new people to the sport we're passionate about, and specialize in teaching beginners all the ropes. Please join us on our next trip and get a taste of what it's all about. It's a pretty safe bet that once you've fly fished for trout in northeast Iowa, you'll want to do it again and again.
Ice Fishing, Anyone?
Nothing tastes better than fish caught through the ice. That's only one of the multitude of reasons to fish through a hole in the sheet of ice that covers our lakes and ponds in the winter. Ice is the great equalizer; putting the average shore bound angler on level footing with the boat-owning anglers that had a definite advantage durng the softwater months. Winter essentially gives everyone equal access to the whole lake. Now that you have the whole lake to fish, though, where do you start??? Let us help you! Our guide staff has years of hardwater experience, and is tournament tested. From Minesota to Iowa and from The Dakotas to Wisconsin, we have chased...and CAUGHT trophy bluegills, crappie, perch, walleye, tulibee, northern pike, yellow bass and many, many other species. Let us help your next, or FIRST, icefishing expedition be a succesful one!
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