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Andy Kleinschmidt - 05/03/2013

I contacted Rod with very specific requests for a fly fishing trip in Northeast Iowa. We settled on a date in late March, 2013. He spent the entire day and most of the evening getting me to the spots I requested. Rod was extremely knowledgeable of the streams and area. He knows the tactics and he came well-prepared. Rod was patient with my numerous wind knots and my lack of experience fishing narrow streams. I thoroughly enjoyed my day with Rod and can highly recommend him as a first class fly fishing guide. I will use his guide services again.
Trout on Fly - Fishing The Driftless

The Northeast corner of Iowa is very unique when compared with the rest of the state. The limestone bluffs that line the Mississippi were untouched by the receding glaciers of the last ice age. Because this region, which also includes part of Southeastern Minnesota and Northwestern Wisconsin, was not ground into glacial "drift" which covers most of the rest of Iowa, this region is often referrred to as "The Driftless Region". This unique geology is also responsible for a couple hundred spring-fed coldwater streams that have the temperature. the chemistry and the aquatic insect base to support trout. Yes you can catch trout in Iowa!!! Let CWGS show you where and how!!!! We specialize in fly fishing trip, but can also provide guided spin-casting trips on request.

Tenkara is a Japenese method for flyfishing that is known for it's simplicity. Utilizing only a rod, a line and a fly, it is very easy to learn and a lot of fun to do! CWGS has the gear and knowledge to help you catch you first Tenkara trout in Northeast Iowa, so be sure to let us know when you book if you'd like to give it a try.
Specializing in fly fishing the coldwater trout streams of Northeast Iowa and ice fishing the frozen lakes of northwest and North-Central Iowa
"Ours is the grandest sport. It is an intriguing battle of wits between an angler and a trout; and in addition to appreciating the tradition and grace of the game, we play it in the magnificent out-of-doors."
~ Ernest G. Schwiebert, Jr.
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